The Beauty Of Upholstered Walls

Furniture Build & Renew specializes in upholstery for furniture and interior walls, including walls of home theaters, and serves all of San Diego County.

Fabrics are woven into the very heart of interior design. They offer texture, color and pattern in endless permutations. In the world of materials, everything from humble cotton to the richest silks can be used to stunning effect. When choosing fabrics for the home, of course upholstery fabrics and drapery fabrics are considered, but if true luxury is desired think about upholstered walls. Not only will upholstered walls provide a cohesive backdrop to well-appointed furnishings, their innate opulence is decadent enough to satisfy even the most unrepentant material girl.

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Meet Tony

Tony Carleo, owner of Furniture Build & Renew welcomes you to the wonderful world of furniture design and restoration. A San Diego-based furniture and upholstery expert for over 30 years, he offers his expertise into San Diego custom furniture for furniture lovers. His experience comes from all over the world, starting in Italy, where he began his career.TCarleo 1web

Tony’s creativity has been commended in numerous design magazines. He brings a broad knowledge of interior design as well as construction means and methods. His experience ranges from modest homes to big-scale overhaul projects.

Our goal is to work closely with our clients to determine and create an environment that is a reflection of their personality and needs. Tony believes in open communication with clients as the key to delivering their heart’s desire and optimal results. Furniture Build & Renew takes pride in always meeting clients’ budget and scheduling requirements.

From helping hotels, resorts, restaurants and corporate offices with San Diego furniture upholstery projects, to restoring antiques and family sofas, Tony and his team have seen it all and will share their experience with you.

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History Of Upholstered Walls

Early forms of wall decorations consisted of tapestries, hangings and simple coverings made of linen. These were layered over stone walls in castles and great homes to provide warmth and insulation. By the 17th century, embossed and gilded leathers were added to the list of options for decorating walls. Of course, these were extravagances that only the very wealthy could afford.

Besides the practical advantages of adding warmth and insulation to draughty interiors, wall hangings and tapestries also added color and pattern to rooms–creating a more cheerful and pleasant environment. Damaged or uneven walls could also be easily disguised with a length of fabric or a tapestry.

As the middle classes grew, so did the desire to emulate the effects of fabric wall treatments. Early wallpapers were the first real attempt to imitate the more luxurious upholstered walls and were designed to appeal to a wider range of the population. Source: Wikipedia.org